02 March 2012

Rejections From Schools

I know this is a little early, and some may consider me pessimistic, but I’d like to think I’m realistic on this one. I’ve received four confirmed rejections from the 19 that I applied to (to which I applied would eliminated the preposition at the end, but sounds stuffy and silly). I am 99% sure that I will receive another 7 rejections. How? I belong to a group on facebook full of people in the same boat as me: MFA applicants for the year 2012. Those 7 additional rejections are from schools that have sent out acceptances, and most have sent out rejections and wait-lists as well. Perhaps I won’t be, but the odds are not in my favor at this point.

The other 8 schools, I completely unsure of; I have no information as of yet. I’m not going to hold my breath. Several people have informed that it only takes one acceptance: yes this is true; however, I would like to have options and choices. If I don’t get funding, I can’t go. I have no money, and no way to get money anymore. I’m broker than broke. So no money = not going (one of the reason I applied to schools where funding was easier to get).

I know I my application wasn’t the strongest it could have been. I had issues gathering three letters of recommendation. It’s like trying to plan a get-to-together. It’s nigh impossible! My writing sample, wasn’t my best, but it was the most polished, and I asked for help in putting it together. My statements were much better this year, but probably sub-par. If I don’t get into any schools, or get enough funding, I’ll be applying again. Which will suck.

Rejection fucking sucks. But it’s a part of my life, and will continue to be a part of my life. In both writing and dating. But that’s another blog.

Anyway, I’ll be working on writing, teaching, and hoping for the best—in a realistic manner. I hope your day is better than mine!

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