31 December 2008

Year in Partial Review

I hope you all had a good year! I for one am glad that it is over! I took 13 classes this year alone and managed to pull through. This last semester I received a GPA of 3.901 so I'm very happy to have that, not to mention this whole year behind me. :)

It was a very busy year, and productive. I moved off of campus, a wonderful experience, but I needed my own place. I meet a great group of friends and I'm glad that I got to meet them. Miss all my housing friends though!

I've been so busy with school that I neglected to do much writing outside of class, but over this break I hope to get started with my second book in my trilogy. It didn't work out that I could write the whole trilogy this year. But I hope to have most of it done by the end of next year. We'll see if I can do it!

I also totally failed my objective of blogging every week, but I had spurts of no internet and this entire Fall semester had no internet at home, so I rarely went online. I feel bad, because I haven't read anyone's blog for such a long time! Forgive me! :) But I think I might have internet this next semester so that's good news.

Well, take care everyone! I hope to blog more than I have!