13 October 2010

Age Does Make A Difference

I have to confess to seeing “Surprise Party,” by Craigery Morgan (view here). And this is sort of where my mind has gone over the last couple of days.

I’ll be the first to admit, this guy is hot. And most of you will agree with me, I think. In a very ‘Drew’ way, I immediately followed him on twitter (and if you are on twitter, I know you are too). Without thought, I posted: “I would like to introduce my new husband to you and himself.” This is very typical of me. If you know me at all you’ll know I have a lot of ‘husbands.’

Craigery is 5-6 years younger than me. So I got to thinking, ‘how has my own life changed in that time?’ I’ve graduated from both Citrus College and The University of New Mexico both in that time frame. I’ve grown tremendously as a person in those years. I’m no longer as shy, no longer as pessimistic, a lot more friendly. Of course I’m currently working on my body (and it’s so unfair that he’s so young with such a great body) and lost weight, managing my diet and eating healthy. Upon looking back upon those years, I realize I’m such a different person, but then again I’m the same. As much as I have change, I haven’t. I’m still a prude, probably more so than I used to be (if that is believable).

I realized that I don’t think I’d marry this young man, though I definitely would ‘sleep’ with him. When I meditated on my chakras I discovered that the only chakra truly thrown off balance by his sudden appearance was my sacral chakra—emotions and sexual desires. I’m not totally throwing the idea out there that I’d never marry him, but I would have to date him for a while first. Or just sleep with him and count myself lucky.

This is probably not exactly the post you were looking for, but I need to express my views to myself, for the most part and admit that I have sexual feelings and desires as much as I try to repress them. This is one of my new goals: admit and embrace myself as a sexual creature.