23 May 2008

California Weather


I am enjoying my vacation very much! It nice not to have to do anything, but that will be changing once I get back to Albuquerque. Summer school, summer job, tons of not fun, but right now is recharge time! And cookies! It's baking weather!

The weather... Yeah. I flew out of ABQ and into Ontario, CA and the day I left it was cold and rain in New Mexico. California was 103. What a change! And now here in Cali, its down to about 62 and back in NM its 47. Whew! Who ordered the odd weather?

Have a great one!

19 May 2008

Long Beach Pride

Hey Y'all!

I went to Long Beach Pride with my friend Eric, and it was fun! Always a good time to go to pride, no? Anyways, it was nice to see all the gays out and about! I'm glad that we didn't go until about 6:30, it was too hot to do anything earlier, and it was still light enough, but not hot! Whew!

After Pride, we went to West Hollywood to the Cantina, and we just had some fun! I don't get to go to very many gay bars/clubs in Albuquerque, so it was nice to get out! Anyways, my friend got hit on by a bunch of guys, and I was left all alone! *sigh* lol j/p I was too tired, and kinda cranky. I'm not used to be up so late out and about!

Happy week!

15 May 2008

California Gay Marriage


I am thrilled that California Supreme Court has declared the ban against gay marriages unconstitutional! This a  major victory for all civil rights. California is also one of the leading states in Supreme Court decisions so this bodes well for the rest of the nation! I sincerely hope that other states will find these same bans unconstitutional soon, and that our rights as citizens of the United States will be upheld.

So who's getting married now?

14 May 2008

Moving Out


I am officially done with this semester! This is an awesome feeling! I'm so excited that I've survived thus far. Tomorrow I move out of my room and then take off to Cali for a few weeks, then it's back to Albuquerque to take summer school. Hey, it gets me through this whole thing a lot easier, so don't be thinking I'm too nuts!

It is raining out today, and I love the rain. It's way too dry here in ABQ.

13 May 2008


Hello all!

How is everyone doing? As of this moment, I'm finishing up my first year at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, and I am excited that I made it this far! It should be downhill from here. I will be graduating next May, with a degree in English-Creative Writing, and a Minor in History.

I am a gay man, and I will hopefully be posting about my life and experiences as such. It shouldn't be too boring!!

I blog on myspace.com occasionally, so check that out if you have myspace, otherwise enjoy!