24 January 2010

Losing A Beloved Friend

My heart will never be the same, for reciprocal love an animal gives is like no other. We grew together from a young age, and it grieves me that she is no longer here. I got her as a present when I was in the second grade, and I wanted a kitty. I wanted another one, but my dad persuaded me to chose her, the runt of the litters, the most beautiful little kitten in the world.

Who could know this tiny little ball of fluff could claw her way into my heart so fast. I loved that little kitty so much, and she was such a little devil! When she was old enough she would eat little baby birds out of the nest, and feel proud at doing so.

She was like my little baby. I was very young at the time I go her, and I remember clearly that I was to take care of her, good or bad. I know she frustrated me at times, and I'm sure I made her mad more than once, but I know she loved me in a cat way, and I loved her back.

I have to tell this funny story of her from a few years ago. I always had her sleeping in my room at night, and she slept in her own little cubby hole by the window near the head of my bed. She liked it there and at the foot of the bed of course. One night, I woke up and I saw her sleeping next to my head, and I turned over to pet her, and she got all pissy with me for knowing she cared.

I told her things I never told anyone else, I knew she could keep a secret for some extra crunches. I could share anything and she wouldn't care one way or another; she'd just listen to what I'd have to say. In my deepest pain she gave me comfort and let me know it was all just a game she played. In my brightest moments I made her celebrate with me whether or not she wanted to.

I know it sounds silly, loving an animal as much as this, but when they've been your friend for 16 years (or so) and you cannot recall a moment in your life without them, it makes them so much harder to lose. Pets are not people, but we love them just the same because they bring so much joy to lives and so much happiness (and a big pet bill). Never are they perfect, nor are we, but they forgive us our imperfections as they can. I know I have lived for the better because of her, my queen, my baby, my Jasmine. You will always hold a huge portion of my heart in your sharp little talons, you great furry beast. I love you and I miss you. May we meet again.