18 April 2011

Living Dreams

I received a letter last Friday informing me that my final school, U of Florida, had decided that I was not a match for them this year.

I suppose I should be upset, and I am to an extent, but this latest turn of events only seems to follow the general pattern of the year a psychic told me would be a disappointing year. She was very right, and continues to be right. I have a lot of nasty stuff coming down the drain, and it is for the best.

I’m looking at this as an opportunity to live at home and still try to live my dreams as a writer. In year that I lived here back at home I’ve barely done the writing that I should have. I’ve realized in the past few weeks, that I’ve been neglecting my craft as I shouldn’t be. I don’t work a day job and so I have all the time to write. I don’t.

This last weekend I went to a writer’s retreat where I got more writing and editing done in three days than I did all this year and some so far. I was very productive and it felt good to be moving along in my writing. I don’t need to go to school to live the writing dream, but if I want to live it, I have to start now.

I’ve submitted a story for publication last week, and I have yet to hear back, but I’m thinking this one will be accepted. I’ve got another couple stories that I’ll be submitting this week. It’s time to move and let my babies roam the world.

I haven’t given up on graduate school, but I think to get there I need to go live the writing lifestyle right now. I can’t become a better writer by not writing.