21 August 2010

Target Ain't People

Just saw the video this morning. After watching it, I think it cements my feelings towards large corporations. As hard as they are to avoid. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

My initial thoughts were: they are not going to accomplish anything. Then it was: but they are so right. Corporations should have no say in our electoral processes. We should be ruled by the people (even though we are not a true Democracy, we still elect officials who should have the interests of the people) not by money-hungry institutions.

When we are ruled by such corporations, we lose. Who gets the tax breaks? Who gets the subsidies? Who gets control of the government? Think about these things the next time you shop somewhere. The “little” people get hurt the most. But why are they “little?” Because their employer refuse to pay decent wages.

Support your local small businesses instead.

10 August 2010

Eight Month Mark-More or Less

I’ve been in California for about 8 and a half months. Since then, I’ve done quite a bit. This is me trying to remember everything I’ve done.

Stopped worry about money as much as I had in the past.
Reconnected with family in important ways.
Reconnected with friends and made new friends.
Started working on myself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Been on a few dates.
Met amazing people!
Traditionally unemployed for the whole time.
Understood freelance, and the difficulties.
Submitted a story for publication.
Learned that ebay can be your friend.
Lost 15 pounds.

Everyday is a journey, and every day holds adventure, even if you don’t leave the house. I’ve tried finding ‘gainful employment’ but have been unable to do so. I see though, that perhaps gainful employment really means shackles to those who pay you and the hours they want you to work. I know that sounds highfalutin and maybe so, but I see friends and family working for money and money only. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It can give you access to things that may make us happy, but only temporary. This quote sums up my feelings:

"To be constantly in want is the very definition of poverty, no matter how large one's house or bank account. By that measure, ours is perhaps the poorest society the world has ever known." - Charles Eisenstein

But life hasn’t be grim. As I suspected the Universe generally cares, and provides for us. I have been very lucky to have family that supports me in my day to day existence. Very lucky, and blessed. I don’t know many people who can say that. I feel like a leech sometimes, but I know that it’s just because I’m starting out, really, for the first time. In New Mexico I had student loans that paid for everything for me. Now I just have my income to pay my bills.

I’ve been working on my body too. In trying to develop other aspects of my person, I’ve noticed that our body defines who we are to a large extent. Our body is how we experience the world and I want my body to be in top shape. Why would I want anything less? The closer we are to our bodies and selves, the less we can lie to ourself.

And I’ve taken the ultimate risk for a writer. I’ve submitted work for more than one publication, unsolicited. In other terms, it’s like trying to sell tupperware to someone who already owns all the styles. So I’ve submitted to one online publisher and two Literary Journals, so I’m excited and at the same time a little frightened. I want to be successful! I had one rejection letter this year, and I’m determined to get get as many as it takes for a yes letter!

I’m trying so hard to make life work, and I think that when we sit back and relax, we realize that life is what we make of it. It is neither hard nor easy, it’s not out to get us, and it doesn’t hand us everything on a silver platter. If we just are life becomes a wonderful thing, beautiful and simple. We’re all playing a game that’s gotten out of hand. I think simple is a good place to start.