13 March 2011

Writing About Writing, and other notes

If you missed #storycraft on twitter today, you missed me and the several bombardments against my ideas. Not to worry. If you follow my other blog snowppl.wordpress.com, you will find the essay response to what happened. I spent about 3 hours crafting this reply, and while it may not be perfect, I think it sums up, generally, my ideas on the matter.

In other news, I’ve heard back from 9 of the schools I applied to, and each denied my application. I am still waiting to hear from Florida, but I’m guessing the reply will be similar. I’m not as heart-broken as I thought I would be. It just means I need to put together a stronger application next year, and that means hard work. I’m ready to jump in head first and work on my writing. My GRE scores should not have prevented entry, though who knows? I’ve been meaning to contact two of the schools about my application, as they have stated they allow, and see what part of my application I need to improve.

Last, I will be starting my Craft of Fiction class this Thursday, and that offers me a wonderful opportunity to work with ‘young’ writers on their writing. So far all of my students have been excellent, and they love what I have to offer them. Nothing is better than helping others learn what one is passionate about.