23 March 2012

New Plan

Well, I’ve thought of a new plan to achieve both my fitness goals and my writing goals. Well, they are both rather “vague” at short term, but in the long term, I have the goal in mind.

Fitness goal: weight 170 at 12% body fat.
Writing goal: Finish editing my novel this year; write short stories and poems; write exercises, blogs, etc.

What I’ve broken my days down into: wake up at 6am for yoga, have breakfast, plan the day, meditation on chakras to balance energy, meditate on other things. Then it is off on my bike to the gym from 7:30 to 9:10ish when I will ride my bike home. Shake, shower, and “primping” until 10. Write from 10 to 4 with 15 minute breaks every hour. After I’m finished writing for the day, I have free time to read, participate in critique groups, etc.

How is that for planning? Now I just have to actually start waking up at 6am and treating these activities with the energy they both deserve. Whew.

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