08 October 2011

The News

I’ve been meaning to blog for some time now, but I really haven’t had the energy to do any writing. I’m so busy in my everyday life that I haven’t had much thought or time to really write. To put it into perspective, I usually do laundry once a week. Last week I did laundry after waiting two and a half weeks.

So what is the deal? Well, three weeks ago, I started working with my dad again doing (de)construction on a home, and started grading papers along with the part time office work I do. This on top of my normal writing/writerly events took up most all my time. Then Grandpa ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and he’s been going up and down, and is back in the hospital again. As of the writing, I’m not sure of the condition. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Grandma or my aunt. And it’s getting late, so I’m starting to worry a bit.

That’s what my life has been the last week, is hospital, hospital, making sure Grandma is doing alright, and running from job to job. That is alright. I was told that something was coming down the pipe my way and this could very well be it.

I’m doing alright, at the moment. Tomorrow I plan on taking a hike through the foothills near my house to enjoy nature and decompress. I may even write a poem or two. In all, I think I’ll be okay. At some point I’ll need a day or two to escape and let the stress roll away before it does me any harm.

They say death is hard, dying is harder.

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